Perfect Games in MLB History Count – Quick Facts

Perfect Games in MLB History Count – Quick Facts

As one of the most prestigious achievements in professional baseball, perfect games in MLB history are a paragon of pitching prowess and strategic teamwork. The rare occurrence has only manifested 24 times since Lee Richmond astounded the world with the first-ever recorded perfect game in 1880 while playing for the Worcester Ruby Legs. The MLB perfect games record is, thus, not just a statistic but a timeline of extraordinary moments in baseball history. Our journey through these historical perfect games hails the latest marvel cast by Domingo German of the New York Yankees, who flawlessly upheld this tradition on June 28, 2023.

Key Takeaways

  • Total of 24 perfect games recorded in Major League Baseball.
  • Domingo German of the Yankees is the most recent pitcher to achieve a perfect game.
  • Perfect games are among the rarest feats in sports, emphasizing their historical significance.
  • Each perfect game is a collaborative effort, reflecting the team’s defensive excellence.
  • Pitchers who have thrown perfect games enter a prestigious club in MLB’s storied history.
  • Historical perfect games serve as hallmarks of a pitcher’s career and the game’s legacy.

The Rarity of Perfect Games in Baseball

Reflecting on the legacy of perfect games in sports prompts us to consider what sets these moments apart. The rarity of perfect games can be attributed not just to the remarkable skill required but also to the unique circumstances under which they occur, making every occurrence a brush with historic perfection.

A Legacy Etched Into History

The frequency of perfect games throughout baseball history is exceedingly low, which serves to highlight the greatness of these events. Pitchers who have triumphed in recording a perfect game have their names forever etched in the annals of baseball history, contributing to the enduring legacy of perfect games and fortifying their iconic status within the sport.

Recent Perfect Games and the Decade Droughts

In contrast to the past, recent perfect games underline how advancements in training and strategy may have shifted the odds. Yet, there have been notable periods, decades without perfect games, which have underscored the elusiveness of this achievement in professional baseball. These droughts exemplify the unpredictable nature of reaching historic perfection in the modern era.

Defining Moments from the Diamond

When reminiscing on perfect games in sports history, certain memorable perfect game moments stand out. They are summonings of sheer greatness, iconic performances where pitchers have manifested unforgettable pitching achievements. Each pitch and defensive play mattered, compiling a collective feat mirrored in no other routine game—their rarity only bolstering their illustrious remembrance.

Decade Perfect Games Recorded Notable Pitchers
1960s 2 Jim Bunning, Sandy Koufax
1970s 0 N/A
1980s 1 Mike Witt
1990s 7 David Cone, Randy Johnson, Kenny Rogers
2000s 2 Mark Buehrle, Randy Johnson
2010s 3 Philip Humber, Matt Cain, Félix Hernández
2020s 1 Domingo Germán

How Many Perfect Games in MLB

In the storied annals of Major League Baseball, the number of perfect games in MLB stands at a mere 24. This achievement is as rare as it is revered, a testament to the zenith of pitching prowess and defensive synergy. Stepping into the realm of indelible lore, each of these 24 games represents a day when a pitcher’s mastery was absolute, and the opposing team’s efforts to reach base were utterly quelled. The distinction holds that no pitcher has ever been able to repeat this phenomenal feat during their tenure in the major leagues, underscoring the singularity of every perfect game pitched.

Perfect Games by the Numbers

As we delve into the statistics of perfect games, each one unfurls a narrative rich with riveting and notable facts about perfect games. Certain records stand out, such as the oldest pitcher to have hurled a perfect game or the thrilling number of strikeouts amassed during these heralded contests. The records for perfect games are not merely notches in baseball’s chronicle; they are hallmarks of a day when the confluence of skill, focus, and perhaps even fate align to etch a name into eternal baseball memory. The MLB perfect game count contributes to what many consider the pinnacle of defensive baseball statistics – an unblemished record that is as immaculate as it is infrequent.

The depth of each perfect game is encoded in its statistics; numbers that tell the tale of each perfect moment. Each game is a gem, its brilliance derived from the rarity and the perfection it epitomizes. As baseball continues its storied march through the ages, these 24 occurrences stand as monoliths of the inconceivable, memorials of the day when a pitcher achieved what so many have tried and failed—a perfect game. With no more than 24 instances in over a century of play, the total perfect games in baseball remains one of the sport’s most elusive accomplishments.


How many perfect games have been thrown in MLB history?

There have been a total of 24 perfect games in the history of Major League Baseball.

What is a perfect game in baseball?

A perfect game is achieved when a pitcher retires all 27 batters faced without allowing a hit, walk, or hit-by-pitch.

Who threw the first perfect game in MLB history?

Lee Richmond of the Worcester Ruby Legs recorded the first perfect game in MLB history on June 12, 1880.

Who threw the most recent perfect game in MLB?

Domingo German of the New York Yankees threw the most recent perfect game on June 28, 2023.

Are perfect games rare in baseball?

Yes, perfect games are incredibly rare in baseball and hold a special place in the sport’s history.

How many perfect games can a pitcher throw in their career?

No pitcher has thrown more than one perfect game throughout their career. Each perfect game is a unique achievement.

What are some notable records and statistics associated with perfect games?

Each perfect game has its own set of fascinating facts and figures, including the pitcher’s age at the time of the game and the number of strikeouts recorded.

How frequent are perfect games in baseball?

Perfect games do not happen frequently, with decades-long droughts between occurrences.

What are some memorable moments and iconic performances from perfect games?

Perfect games have produced unforgettable pitching achievements and defining moments on the diamond.

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