A Dangerous Game in Witcher 3

A Dangerous Game in Witcher 3

The edition of The Witcher 3: A dangerous game involves the search and collection of three important cards that can provide special properties and therefore have a high cost. The person in charge of searching for these cards is Geralt at the request of Zoltan, who needs them to fulfill a deal.

Therefore, this time, we will tell you how to complete this dangerous mission where the Fringilla Vigo, Isengrim, and Natali’s cards must be found.


Geralt Meet Up with Zoltan

Zoltan is at Rosemary and Thyme, where he is chatting with his acquaintances, unfriendly people. At one point, Geralt appears and approaches them, a moment where these people do not feel comfortable with his presence, and without saying anything, they leave.

At this point, Zoltan tells Geralt about his situation: the need to find three unusual cards to close a pending deal. In this way, Zoltan asks Geralt for help and he accepts, at which point he begins with the search for the first card: the Isengrim.


Finding the Isengrim Faoiltiarna Card

Zoltan tells Geralt that this card, the Isengrim, is held by Zed, who is in his house. Upon arrival, it will be necessary to find an alternative to enter it, one of them is to climb through the neighbor’s house, where you will find a door through which you can enter Zed’s house.

Once upon arrival, you will find Zed dead and near him are his murderers who are also looking for the same card. At this moment, a fight breaks out to obtain the card and a key.

When finished, use Aard to help him get through a wall. In that place, there is a chest from which you must grab the lodger and then continue looking for clues about the whereabouts of the other cards.


Finding the Natalis Card

Time to find Ravik, he has the card, which you can do by following the search marker to The Golden Sturgeon. On your way, you will meet Earl and Gwent who will offer to save Ravik’s life and obtain the card if you face Gwent in a fight. If you kill him, Ravik will live and if you lose, Ravik will die although you can still get the card.

If at the end of the fight, Ravik is still alive, you must convince him to give you the card. Once done, you should go for the third card.


Finding the Fringilla Vigo Card

In a moment, you will meet Zultan, who will tell you his plan, which is to give Caesar alcohol until he gets drunk and thus, give Geralt time to look for the card.

Once Caesar is distracted, you must climb the stairs of his house until you reach his bedroom. You will see that there is a knife on the wall, which you must rotate so that its drawers open. Inside one of these drawers, you will see a key, you must take it and insert it into the hole in the bookcase to open a door.

Inside this door, you will find the third card so grab it and grab everything with value. Once ready to go, two thugs will appear and you will have two options: defend Caesar or leave.

The game does not end here, Zoltan and Geralt must meet the buyer of these cards but unfortunately, he will be dead. You can keep the cards as they have a lot of value.