How to Downgrade Steam Games

How to Downgrade Steam Games

If you were looking for a how-to downgrade Steam games guide, you came to the right place. The following steps that we will show you will help you install any modifications that are necessary without problems to go to the release version.


What Does Downgrade Mean in Video Games?

Now that we are facing an imminent change in the generation of consoles, technical demos that demonstrate the power of new devices and games are going to become common. The best proof has come with the demonstration of the Unreal Engine 5 running on PlayStation 5. But those of you who are veterans will already know that many technical demos usually carry a problem: the subsequent downgrade of the final product.

The downgrade is the visual technique of a video game in its final state compared to what was shown to us at the beginning. In other words, that in the end, it was not as beautiful as they promised us with their first images.

It is understood that in most cases of downgrade there is no bad faith on the part of the developers and they want to aspire to achieve the quality shown in the video, but wouldn’t it have been better if they had had more feet on the floor? Sometimes, the downgrade can be due to complicated development, they run out of funds, the machines are not as powerful as they expected, etc. There can be many reasons, but usually, the user does not forgive that they play with their delusions.

Now that you know what downgrade means, let’s move on to how to downgrade Steam games.


How to Downgrade Steam Games?

1.- Choose a game (you must own it)

2.- Collect the following (APP ID)

3.- Go to the DeportDownloader

4.- Click the latest release

5.- Download the zip file

6.- Open and extract to a suitable place

7.- Copy the example code, we will be changing it to download the game we want

8.- Create a .txt file and convert it to a .bat

9.- Right-click and click on Edit.

10.- Replace the APP ID with the one you want to download.

11.- Click the Deports tab and find the game’s content Depot (May vary depending on what game)

12.- Replace the Depot ID with the one you want to download

13.- Running the batch file as it is won’t work, you need to add a few things to the .bat file

14.- We need to add the user name and password and run the .bat file. If you have any authentication, you will need to type it in to continue.

15.- If done correctly, files will start downloading into the folder that you placed the downloader into. Depending on what size the game is, the download times will be different.

If you need any launch commands, create a shortcut and follow the steps. If it is VR, make sure SteamVR is running before starting up the game.

Note: If you can not open the .bat file, you have the option to download and install the .NET Core

We hope this guide has been helpful.