Expert Video Gamer Retires Over Thumb Injury

Expert Video Gamer Retires Over Thumb Injury

A 25-year-old professional video gamer dropped his controller and took on his Twitter handle to announce his retirement.

American Thomas Paparatto, alias “ZooMaa,” was famous for his “Call of Duty” challenge, a chart-topping warfare game series. On a profound note, he publicized his bowing out caused by a wrist and thumb injury.

From his statement on Twitter, he said, ‘It breaks my heart to step away from a game I put my heart and soul into every single day for eight years.

He also said that the injury was back, making it hard for him to compete against the top players globally while in pain. However, it was hard for him to announce to his 360000 followers, ensuring them that he didn’t want to fail them in loss due to the injury.


What’s more?

Because of the coronavirus restrictions, the video-gaming has become popular as there’s more time available to play.

An expert’s view of this new development showed excitement, saying the time spent playing games and social connections with everyone positively impacted the well-being.

The International Gaming Research Unit director at Nottingham Trent University in England said that professional players like Thomas Paparatto dedicate many hours to honing skills. This way, they will be better than casual players and still win major video game prizes.

Besides, in all sports, players who commit more time in practice are likely to suffer a significant injury. For instance, extreme gaming can cause thumb and wrist injuries, including repetitive strain.

Still, apart from the physical injuries, gamers are also prone to get psychological defects. While playing is for stimulating and improving the player’s mood, depression and addictions are also genuine effects of excessive gaming.

Mark Griffiths, the expert of the Research Unit, stated that symptoms of addictive gaming disorders include; using gaming to improve moods, neglect of personal relationships or even physical symptoms such as nausea and even panic attacks. However, moderation gaming is likely to boost the pleasures of life. Read on.

Conversely, playing video games can be rewarding in significant ways, especially financially. For instance, a popular adventure game called ‘Fortnight’ held a World Cup tournament in 2020 with substantial prize money worth $30 million.

The American professional play Paparatto plays alongside a certified Call of Duty League team called the New York Dubliners. They also wished him well on his decision to step back, including his heartbroken fans.

According to a post on Twitter, the organization said, “We are thankful for everything that ZooMaa has done for the Subliners. His incredible talent as a teammate and competitor has always made him amazing.”

In a parting shot to his heartfelt announcement, Paparatto promised the fans of his full support to the gaming scene. Also, he left his fans with a hopeful message saying, “I love this game too much to walk away completely’. From this statement, it is clear that Paparatto will likely make a comeback to do what he does best once the injury is gone. Generally, he told his fans to ‘watch this space.