Pro Gamers Give Points of PlayStation 4 Over Xbox One

Pro Gamers Give Points of PlayStation 4 Over Xbox One

With the gaming industry experiencing different gaming consoles, the PlayStation and Xbox still hold the top positions. Though both consoles launched in 2013, PS4 continues to record overwhelming success against Xbox with a ratio of 2:1, respectively.

However, Microsoft continues to upgrade the Xbox to become a better option over PlayStation. Because of these two unique consoles, most gamers have a dilemma on the ideal one over the other, even with both delivering compelling features.

Therefore pro gamers decided to give their points on the reasons for picking PS4 over Xbox One. Read on.



Even though Microsoft’s Xbox one has better hardware than Sony’s PlayStation, the software is a better feature to take into consideration. The software in PlayStation allows it to play an exclusive line-up for games.

In 2017, PlayStation brought in 5 exclusive games, which are among other top games ranking. Conversely, Xbox one only had four games in the same year. However, Xbox has games that PlayStation does not.

Still, PS4 has the best of the generation games that are not about to change anytime soon, even if Xbox has a more powerful console.


PlayStation Vita

Undeniably, Sony’s controller is at a crucial point, but if you own a PlayStation Vita, you are in a better position to use it on your PS4. The main element is remote play, which converts your Vita to a mini-PS4.

Even though remote play must use a stable internet connection to properly function, it is incredible how it operates well with particular games. Remote play is an excellent feature that allows you not to end your game when the TV is tied up.

Remarkably, when you buy the PS4 version, it comes with a Vita version. Even though it limits indie titles, elements such as cross-buy and cross-save convert Vita into a portable PS4. Therefore, if you travel a lot and don’t leave your gaming console, Vita’s connection with the PS4 ensures having both systems is effortless.


Advanced Default Controller

While this is a stiff competition that primarily rests upon personal preference, the standard PS4 controller wins the Xbox One slightly. Some reasons make this a highly competitive benefit. Firstly, the PS4 controller is a significant upgrade upon its forerunner. This is because the PS3’s DualShock 3 victim of inferior trigger buttons, tacky thumbsticks, and general low-priced structure quality.

Equally, the ordinary Xbox One handheld is perhaps closely behind the Xbox 360s. This is due to the protruding triggers that get uncomfortable during lengthy gaming sessions and noisy buttons with a deprived rebound.

This seems like inadequate thought considers in the design whereby Microsoft lacked to care about improving the D-Pad, which is among the 360 controller’s few design defects. Without a doubt, the Xbox One Elite controller is much better than the other controllers. Besides, it is not a fair game comparing the first-class fringe to something that goes for less than half the price.

Still, most people find it hard to choose between the two consoles, thus owning both for different situations. Well, that takes a professional gamer to make such a significant investment as they are costly gadgets