How to Change Your Name on Game Center

How to Change Your Name on Game Center

Have you ever seen a cool nickname on Game Center that leaves you embarrassed about yours? Many of us don’t think twice when we sign up, just starting to play with things that have our name or favorite number. To spice things up a bit, you can change your Game Center username to something that you’ll love to share. Wondering how? We’ll break it down in just four easy steps. Plus, if stumped on what username to choose, we’ll help you come up with something cool and unique.


Who Sees My Game Center Name?

Perhaps the reason why you want a change is because EVERYBODY sees it. In other words, other players, your crush, your friends, etc. When you pick a new game to play, your username is how other players identify you.


Change your Gamer Center Username in Three Steps

When you’re ready to change your name and have a good one in mind (read below for some ideas!), grab your iPhone and follow these four steps.

  1. Head to settings
  2. Scroll down to Game Center
  3. Find your current username and click
  4. Enter your new nickname, and voila!

That’s really it. You can change your name as many times as you like, finding one that suits you. However, go easy on the changing. You need to give other players the chance to know who they’re up against. Plus, if they had a good time playing along with you, then they’re likely to request you to play again.


How to Choose a Cool Game Center Nickname

Not to put any pressure on you but, your name follows you around wherever you go. No matter if you’re part of chatrooms and forums in gaming or just battling other players from around the world. So, choosing a cool name that has a ring to it is crucial to your online presence. So, to come up with a cool one, you could:


Use a Name Generator

A name generator uses a complex algorithm with a ton of names all tossed and jumbled around. Just click a button for a suggestion, deciding after whether you like it or not.


Narrow Down your Choices

If you have free time, why not spend the afternoon brainstorming? Then, you can look over choices and come back to them later. For example, write down words or phrases that you like and set them aside. Then, start crossing off those that don’t make the cut.


Think Outside the Box

Ever played one of those games where you make a name using your birth month and favorite food? Well, you could do the same for your username. Think of your favorite color or the name of your first pet for something unique and fun.


What’s In A Name?

Your gaming name says a lot about you and acts as your identity. Choosing one should be fun and, now that you can change it quicker and easier than ever.