Pets of Skyrim

Pets of Skyrim

An additional quest to take on withing Skyrim is the new creation Pets of Skyrim. As your journey through the mysterious virtual world of Tamriel, look for the clues to help you gather up your bunch and adorn them with collars and packs. Below, we’ll share details of how to find each of the five new pets, including the locations and required steps to take.


Make your Way to Whiterun

First on the agenda is Hilda the Goat. To find her, take the short road to Whiterun and look for The Bannered Mare. Once you find it and go inside, you’ll find a sign advertising the sale of Hilda, able to score her for just 200 coins. With your first pet in possession, you’ll gain access to Hilda’s story and a new mission to help find other animals she’s come in contact with throughout her life.


Rescue A Pet Fox

If you’re familiar with Half-Moon Mill, you’ll know exactly where to find Sweet Roll the fox. His story is a bit tragic, losing his master to a pack of wolves who attacked. When you come close to him buried deep in the forest, he’ll be close to his late master’s body of which you can make use of for collecting gold. Among the things you’ll find in his pockets are sweet rolls, which will help you tame the fox.


Meet Thistle

Thistle is a rabbit that found his sanctuary in an abandoned Alchemist’s Shack. Just like other famous rabbits we know, he’s a sucker for carrots. So, make sure to feed him some so he’ll come right to you and becomes a part of your squad.


On to the Vampire Lair

As your journey progresses, you’ll come to a hidden spot in Cronvangr Cave. Inside you’ll see a ton of creepy crawlers, but it’s one, in particular, you’re looking for, Arachnia. She is a spider kept by a vampire for her venom, and it’s your mission to break her free. You’ll first have to kill the vampire and set the spider free, making her a part of the team.



Don’t Forget About Skritch

Skritch is a skeever that’s trapped by his owner and locked in a cage in Riften. When you come to his rescue, you’ll find his owner dead and can find the key and other goodies once you find him. All you’ll have to do is open the cage; then, Skritch will be happy to see you, completing your group of tamed pets.


Learning About your Pets

With five pets in your possession, the quest ends. The best thing is that each one comes with a specialty that you can use to your benefit. Plus, you can dress them up with packs or collars to help you take more things along with you as you look for more quests and explore more of the unknown within Skyrim. Don’t go alone; use help from a pack of pets to help you conquer your quests easier.