Top PSP Strategy Games

Top PSP Strategy Games

PSP (PlayStation Portable):

We all are familiar with PSPs. In our childhood, almost all have at least once played with it. Some people still do, and why not? It is affordable, nostalgic, easy to use, and works for long. This gaming console by SONY was the highlight of the past two decades. After it, several other newer versions came into the market but its popularity did not fall much. Since 2004, it has come a long way now.

Although the production stopped back in 2016, PSP has gained popularity regardless. People love to play games on it. And those who wish to collect old games and gaming consoles, adore it the most. Immediately after its launch, several revisions were also made. It helped make its customer base even larger. Some of its models are PSP-2000, PSP Go, PSP Street, etc.

It had a web browser embedded inside and was even used for comics at a time. Some of the most popular games of PSP include Grand Theft Auto: VC (Vice City) Stories, God of War, Monster Hunter, etc.

PSP was so successful that it sold over 70 million-plus products in a decade. One of the most popular choices among the games was the category of strategy. People loved to play games that required them to think and play. This trend had led to a new era of games that involved a plot, gameplay tactics, and decision making. Now that we have learned a bit about PSP, it is time to move on to list some of the top strategy games. These are the games that people love to play on the PSP (PlayStation Portable).


Top Strategy Games on PSP:

  1. Final Fantasy Tactics:

Often referred to as one of the best role-playing games (RPG), ‘The War of Lions’ series of the game was very popular. Square Enix co. developed this game way back in 2007 and it gained a loyal fan base in a short period.

  1. Metal Gear Solid:

In this game, the ‘Peace Walker’ edition gained popularity. This was also one of the reasons for the increasing demands for army-like games. Kojima Productions, the developers launched this game in 2010.

  1. Summon Night V:

One of the recent games in PSP format came out in 2015. You should notice that this is not the first game in its series. This is why if you wish to play the previous versions, you should look out for them. As it came out in recent times, it has great visuals and a user interface.

  1. Angry Birds:

We all know this game. The popularity of this game had even led to its animated movie series. This game came out in 2011. One of the most striking features of this game was the constant turnouts of different versions. Year by year, the developers were able to make such differences that satisfied everyone.

After so many years since its production ended, PSP has come a long way. SONY now turns out new versions of the product with the latest software and games. Although these gaming consoles might be a bit expensive to buy, if you love PSPs, you would also love these top strategy games.