Top Fighting Games for PSP

Top Fighting Games for PSP

The PlayStation Portable (PSP) revolutionized gaming, with the first way to play on the go. It not only made room for strategy games but also fighting games. Like the hand-held control, the portable console had all the buttons, putting no stop to complicated combos and fatalities in the most loved fighting games. While there is a whole new breed of games since its first release, we’ve put together a list of the top fighting games that you can find today for the PSP. Don’t just take it from our opinion; take it from a ton of gaming enthusiasts just like you that chimed in.


1. Soulcalibur: Broken Destiny

Soulcalibur came into the market early on and captured the warrior hearts of all who played. With the tough God of War and other graphically pleasing characters, players get a chance to go to war and fight the battle of broken destiny. In this version of the game, the Star Wars characters are gone; only the originals remain, updated with sick graphics.

2. Dragon Ball Z: Sine Budokai

Dragon Ball Z is still one of the largest gaming franchises in the world. They are known for their captivating storylines and loveable characters. In this video game, you can follow the new additions to the same story, choosing your team to fight against enemies. Players get a shot to choose between the traditional mode, trial, and profile mode, each of which has its difference, all with the same characters.


3. Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection

Tekken is another classic, making its way from arcades to gaming consoles and now to PSP. Choose from the most popular characters and pick your favorite as you fight your way towards the champion title. The Tekken story takes players on a journey to battle the evil enemy Jinpatchi at the very end. Tekken 5 comes with several bonus features and super-charged characters that take this game to the next level.


4. Darkstalkers Chronicle: The Chaos Tower

Darkstalkers took the gaming world by storm and created a frenzy of fans along with them as the chronicles continued. Players can choose their fighting style in this game as well as their favorite character. All of the most powerful from previous games are there, along with a brand-new enemy. Players can stick to story mode and collect items as their fight enemies or fight a single round.


5. Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Nija Heroes 

The Naruto fighting games have been an anime fan favorite for years. When the Ultimate Ninja series hit the shelves, fans went crazy and helped the company sell more than 20 million copies of the game worldwide. This third game in the series is a power-packed fighting game that follows the storyline closely. Players can choose one of 42 characters and work their way up to the final battle against Ultimate Jutsu for the win. Choose from story mode or pick a fight with your friend and take your gaming on the go.